Crewman’s Landing Permit (I-95) Law and Legal Definition

An INS Form I-95, also known as Crewman's Landing Permit, shows the date of a person’s arrival in the United States and his/her "Admitted Until" date, and the date of expiry of authorized period of stay. An INS Form I-95 shall be given by an INS inspector when arriving in the United States at a land border port-of-entry or from an airline or ship representative when arriving at an air or sea port-of-entry by aircraft or ship. The form must be completed and then presented to an INS inspector who may ask questions about the purpose of the trip, the duration of stay in the United States, and the residence abroad.

An INS Form I-95 that has been approved by an INS inspector can prove that an individual arrived in the country legally and that s/he has not stayed beyond the period of stay authorized. In addition, an individual turning in INS Form I-95 to the proper authorities while leaving the country can prove that the U.S. laws were not violated by his/her stay in the country for too long.