Criminal History Record Information [CHRI] Law and Legal Definition

Criminal History Record Information (CHRI) means information about the history of an individual’s contacts with the state’s law enforcement agencies. CHRI is created by entering data from fingerprint cards and then such information is directly submitted to an automated system electronically. This information is then available for use by criminal justice agencies and other requestors of a person’s criminal record. However, CHRI does not include identification information such as fingerprint records that do not indicate criminal involvement of an individual and requests for confirmation of active warrants.

The following is an example of a state statute defining the term criminal history record information. According to 2010 Va. ALS 621, 1, "criminal history record information" means records and data collected by criminal justice agencies on adult individuals consisting of identifiable descriptions and notations of arrests, detentions, indictments, information, or other formal charges and any disposition arising therefrom. The term shall not include juvenile record information which is controlled by criminal justice intelligence information, criminal justice investigative information, or correctional status information.