Critical Flood Action Law and Legal Definition

Critical flood action means “an action for which even a slight chance of flooding is too great. The minimum floodplain of concern for critical actions is the 500-year floodplain, i.e., critical action floodplain. Critical actions include, but are not limited to, those which create or extend the useful life of structures or facilities:

(a) Such as those which produce, use or store highly volatile, flammable, explosive, toxic or water-reactive materials;

(b) Such as hospitals and nursing homes, and housing for the elderly, which are likely to contain occupants who may not be sufficiently mobile to avoid the loss of life or injury during flood and storm events;

(c) Such as emergency operation centers, or data storage centers which contain records or services that may become lost or inoperative during flood and storm events; and

(d) Such as generating plants, and other principal points of utility lines.”