Cuban Liberty and Democratic Solidarity Act Law and Legal Definition

The Cuban Democratic and Solidarity Act (“Act”) is a federal legislation that governs the Cuban people in regaining their freedom and prosperity, as well as in joining the community of democratic countries that are flourishing in the Western Hemisphere. The following are the purposes of the Act:

1. to strengthen international sanctions against the Castro government;

2. to provide for the continued national security of the U.S. in the face of continuing threats from the Castro government of terrorism, theft of property from the U.S. nationals by the Castro government, and the political manipulation by the Castro government of the desire of Cubans to escape that results in mass migration to the U.S.;

3. to encourage the holding of free and fair democratic elections in Cuba, conducted under the supervision of internationally recognized observers;

4. to provide a policy framework for U.S. support to the Cuban people in response to the formation of a transition government or a democratically elected government in Cuba; and

5. to protect the U.S. nationals against confiscatory takings and the wrongful trafficking in property confiscated by the Castro regime.