Cumulative Judgment Law and Legal Definition

A cumulative judgment is one in which the court has reduced the delinquent amount owed to a single, cumulative judgment. It is commonly used in cases involving child support arrearages. A cumulative judgment for past-due child support may increase the available enforcement methods because some state laws provide that such cumulative judgments are enforceable by any means available for the enforcement of judgments for debts.

It is a method of convenience to obtain one cumulative judgment against an obligor for all child support unpaid and owing, rather than having to pursue separate claims for each amount remaining unpaid. The cumulative judgment may include interest and any balance owed on arrearages, lump sum, or retroactive support judgments. State law varies, so local laws should be consulted for specific requirements in your area.

The following is an example of a state statute dealing with cumulative judgments:

  1. "If a motion for enforcement of child support requests a money judgment for arrearages, the court shall confirm the amount of arrearages and render one cumulative money judgment.
  2. A cumulative money judgment includes:
  1. unpaid child support not previously confirmed;
  2. the balance owed on previously confirmed arrearages or lump sum or retroactive support judgments;
  3. interest on the arrearages; and
  4. a statement that it is a cumulative judgment."