Curator Ad Hoc Law and Legal Definition

Curator ad hoc is a civil law term used to refer to a court-appointed curator who manages a single subject matter or transaction for the minor. Curator ad hoc is a special guardian.

A curator ad hoc can be appointed by the court to act for a minor in the absence of his under-tutor.

The following is an example of a state rule (Louisiana) explaining the duties of a curator ad hoc:

La. 14th Jud. Dist. Ct. R. 39.0. DUTIES OF CURATOR AD HOC

Section A. In any case in which a curator ad hoc is appointed to represent an absentee defendant, the petition shall contain information as to the residence address or whereabouts of the defendant. The curator ad hoc shall promptly make diligent effort to locate and contact the defendant either by personal contact or by certified or registered mail with return receipt requested. When the case is called for trial, the curator ad hoc shall be prepared to present competent evidence to show that a diligent effort was made to locate the defendant, to give him the information and render the services required by this rule.

Section B. If the absentee defendant can be located or contacted, the curator ad hoc shall inform him, either by personal contact or by certified or registered mail with return receipt requested, of the nature of the proceedings and the date of the trial or hearing, and he shall render such other services as may be necessary for the protection of the rights of the absentee. At the trial or hearing, unless otherwise ordered by the Court, the curator ad hoc shall file in evidence copies of the letters written to or received from the defendant, and the return receipts of registered letters addressed to the defendant.

Section C. Those attorneys appearing on the curator ad hoc list shall be required to accept not less than one appointment per calendar in a Child in Need of Care proceeding.