Dairy Market Loss Assistance Program[DMLAP] Law and Legal Definition

The Dairy Market Loss Assistance Program (DMLAP) is a federal government initiative that provides assistance in making emergency payments to dairy farmers. The purpose of the DMLAP is to enhance dairy farmer income in response to unstable farm milk prices.

According to 7 CFR 1430.504, a dairy operation is eligible to receive cash payments only in the following situations:

A dairy operation should have produced and marketed milk commercially in the U.S. anytime during the fourth quarter of 1998;

2.A dairy operation should indicate all milk commercially marketed by all persons in the dairy operation during calendar year 1997 and 1998 to establish the base period for determining the total pounds of milk; and

3.A dairy operation must submit a timely application and comply with all other terms and conditions in order to avail the benefits.

However, a dairy operation is ineligible to receive assistance under the DMLAP on the following grounds:

1. If a dairy operation has adopted any scheme or device that tends to defeat the purpose of the DMLAP;

2.A dairy operation has made any fraudulent representation; or

3.A dairy operation has misrepresented any fact affecting a program determination.