Damage Tolerance Inspection Law and Legal Definition

According to 14 CFR 26.41 (Title 14 - Aeronautics And Space; Chapter I - Federal Aviation Administration, Department Of Transportation; Subchapter C – Aircraft; Part 26 - Continued Airworthiness And Safety Improvements For Transport Category Airplanes; Subpart E - Aging Airplane Safety - Damage Tolerance Data For Repairs And Alterations), Damage Tolerance Inspection (DTI) means “the inspection developed as a result of a DTE. A DTI includes the areas to be inspected, the inspection method, the inspection procedures, including acceptance and rejection criteria, the threshold, and any repeat intervals associated with those inspections. The DTI may specify a time limit when a repair or alteration needs to be replaced or modified. If the DTE concludes that DT-based supplemental structural inspections are not necessary, the DTI contains a statement to that effect.”