Dangerous Criminal Conduct Law and Legal Definition

Dangerous Criminal Conduct refers to conduct that shows indifference to the value of human safety or property. Mere unpleasant or offensive conduct does not amount to dangerous criminal conduct.

The following is case law explaining what amounts to dangerous criminal conduct. “Dangerous criminal conduct is conduct which is not merely unpleasant or offensive, but that exceeds aggravation. This is conduct of a type which manifests indifference to the value of human safety or property (e.g., actions which terrorize or inflict serious mental distress on a victim, as the rapist who telephones the victim and threatens to repeat the crime; unusual or protracted cruelty; multiple victims in a single or separate incident; extremely high harm-loss, as the burglar who takes a stereo and proceeds to destroy a large number of items left in the house with an axe); infliction of serious physical injury, if not an element of the crime”. [In re Application of Sterling, 47 Ore. App. 275, 277 (Or. Ct. App. 1980)]