Dangerous Prison Contraband Law and Legal Definition

Dangerous Prison Contraband refers to property that is illegal and potentially dangerous to possess inside a prison. Correctional facility regulations prohibit prisoners from possessing certain harmful or potentially dangerous items. For example, NY CLS Penal § 205.00 defines dangerous contraband as “contraband which is capable of such use as may endanger the safety or security of a detention facility or any person therein”.

Considering the fact that correctional systems throughout the world are witnessing proliferation of contraband cell phones and other telecommunications devices a bill [bill number:S5865,Introduced by sen. Hassell Thompson] has been introduced the amend the penal law,[ NY CLS Penal § 205.00] in relation to expanding the definition of dangerous contraband to include telecommunications and electronic recording devices. Here, telecommunications or electronic recording device" means any type of instrument, device, machine or equipment that is designed to transmit and/or receive telephonic, electronic, digital, cellular or radio signals or communications or any part of such instrument, device, machine or equipment, as well as any type of instrument designed to have sound or image recording abilities and shall include, but not be limited to, a cellular or digital phone, a pager, a two-way radio text messaging or modem device (including modem equipment devices), a camera, a video recorder and tape or digital recording devices, or any other device that has said capabilities.

In New York, promoting dangerous prison contraband is a class D felony.

The relevant law as it appears in the Statute.

NY CLS Penal § 205.25 Promoting prison contraband in the first degree

A person is guilty of promoting prison contraband in the first degree when:

1. He knowingly and unlawfully introduces any dangerous contraband into a detention facility; or

2. Being a person confined in a detention facility, he knowingly and unlawfully makes, obtains or possesses any dangerous contraband.

Promoting prison contraband in the first degree is a class D felony.