Dangerous to Self or Others Law and Legal Definition

A person may be dangerous to self and others when he or she have recently threatened or attempted suicide or some serious bodily injury. He or she may have demonstrated danger of substantial and imminent harm to himself and/ or others through some recent act, attempt or threat of the same. ‘Dangerous to self’ may also include a situation where a person is unable to cater to his nourishment, shelter or self protection without supervision or assistance of another person. Without such supervision and adequate treatment, it is probable that the mentally ill individual may succumb to death, substantial bodily injury or serious physical debilitation or disease.

An example of Missouri Law. Mo. Rev. Stat. § 552.040.9 “No committed person shall be unconditionally released unless it is determined through the procedures in this section that the person does not have, and in the reasonable future is not likely to have, a mental disease or defect rendering the person dangerous to the safety of himself or others.”