Decision Cover Page Law and Legal Definition

A decision cover page identifies pertinent and relevant information about the matter. This bears the judge’s signature and/or appropriate stamp(s), and sets forth appropriate rehearing and appeal rights. A prepared decision cover page identifies appropriate department, type of decision -- final, proposed, or Director’s alternate or a hearing, rehearing, or Administrative Disqualification Hearing (ADH), claimant's name and address, judge's name, hearing number, agency name, agency representative's name, authorized representative's name, hearing date, case name, companion filing hearing number, aid pending status, issue codes, and Social Security Number. For a decision involving Los Angeles County, the cover page also identifies the case number assigned by the county and the county’s district office number. A decision cover page shall be signed and/or dated by a judge and/or support staff may affix an adopt stamp, date stamps(s), signature stamp, and/or Adopted by Action of Law stamp as required.