Declaration of Taking Act Law and Legal Definition

Declaration of Taking Act is a Federal Law governing the taking of private property for public use under eminent domain.

Pursuant to 40 U.S.C.S § 3114, “in any proceeding in any court of the United States outside of the District of Columbia brought by and in the name of the United States and under the authority of the Federal Government to acquire land, or an easement or right of way in land, for the public use, the petitioner may file, with the petition or at any time before judgment, a declaration of taking signed by the authority empowered by law to acquire the land described in the petition, declaring that the land is taken for the use of the Government”.

The declaration of taking shall contain:

(1) a statement of the authority under which, and the public use for which, the land is taken;

(2) a description of the land taken that is sufficient to identify the land;

(3) a statement of the estate or interest in the land taken for public use;

(4) a plan showing the land taken; and

(5) a statement of the amount of money estimated by the acquiring authority to be just compensation for the land taken.