Declarations Law and Legal Definition

A declaration means a formal statement, proclamation, or announcement embodied in an instrument. For example, declaration of dividend, declaration of intention and declaration of trust.

It also means:

1. In international law, it refers to stipulations within a treaty according to which the parties agree to conduct their actions. A nation’s unilateral pronouncement that affects the rights and duties of other nations like declaration of war.

2. A document that governs legal rights of certain types of realty like condominium or a residential subdivision.

3. A listing of the merchandise a person intends to bring into U.S given at customs when one enters U.S.

4. In law of evidence, an unsworn statement made by someone having knowledge of facts relating to an event in dispute. For example, declaration against interest, dying declaration and self serving declaration.

5. In common law, declaration is plaintiff’s first pleading in civil action. It is a written statement submitted to court by a plaintiff specifying the facts and circumstances constituting his/her cause of action. A declaration is a formal statement in which the declarant _one who made the statement_, swears under ‘penalty of perjury’ that the contents are true.