Defense Article Law and Legal Definition

Pursuant to 22 USCS § 2403 (d) [Title 22. Foreign Relations And Intercourse; Chapter 32. Foreign Assistance; General And Administrative Provisions; Miscellaneous Provisions], the term Defense article includes--

“(1) any weapon, weapons system, munition, aircraft, vessel, boat, or other implement of war;

(2) any property, installation, commodity, material, equipment, supply, or goods used for the purposes of furnishing military assistance;

(3) any machinery, facility, tool, material, supply, or other item necessary for the manufacture, production, processing, repair, servicing, storage, construction, transportation, operation, or use of any article listed in this subsection; or

(4) any component or part of any article listed in this subsection; but shall not include merchant vessels or, as defined by the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as amended (42 U.S.C. 2011), source material, (except uranium depleted in the isotope 235 which is incorporated in defense articles solely to take advantage of high density or pyrophoric characteristics unrelated to radioactivity) byproduct material, special nuclear material, production facilities, utilization facilities, or atomic weapons or articles involving Restricted Data.”