Demand Reduction Law and Legal Definition

Pursuant to 21 USCS § 1701 (1) [Title 21. Food And Drugs; Chapter 22. National Drug Control Policy], the term demand reduction means “any activity conducted by a National Drug Control Program agency, other than an enforcement activity, that is intended to reduce the use of drugs, including--

(A) drug abuse education;

(B) drug abuse prevention;

(C) drug abuse treatment;

(D) drug abuse research;

(E) drug abuse rehabilitation;

(F) drug-free workplace programs;

(G) drug testing, including the testing of employees;

(H) interventions for drug abuse and dependence;

(I) international drug control coordination and cooperation with respect to activities described in this paragraph; and

(J) international drug abuse education, prevention, treatment, research, rehabilitation activities, and interventions for drug abuse and dependence.”