Developable Land Area Law and Legal Definition

Developable land area refers to an area within an approved smart growth zoning district that can be feasibly developed into residential or mixed use development determined in accordance with regulations of the department.

Developable land area shall not include:

a. land area that is already substantially developed, including existing parks and dedicated, perpetual open space within such substantially developed portion;

b. open space designated by the city or town; or

c. areas exceeding 1/2 acre of contiguous land that are unsuitable for development because of topographic features or for environmental reasons.

The following is a state law that provides a statutory framework regarding developable land area:

A developable land area shall include the land area occupied by or associated with underutilized residential, commercial, industrial or institutional buildings or uses that have the potential to be recycled or converted into residential or mixed use developments as determined in accordance with regulations of the authority. [ALM GL ch. 40R, § 2].