Diplomatic Agent Law and Legal Definition

A diplomatic agent is a national representative. Originally, diplomatic agents helped to work out certain negotiations between nations, but now a diplomatic agent acts as an intermediary of a foreign nation and the nation which employed the diplomatic agent. Diplomatic agents supervise and transact the affairs of the nation employing them. Diplomatic agents help to build a strong and improved relationship with the two countries. This can lead to an increase in trading opportunities and military alliances. Diplomatic agents also represent their nation in protecting the interests and welfare of its citizens in the jurisdiction of another nation.

Diplomatic agents can be any one from the four categories: 1, ambassadors, 2, envoys and ministers plenipotentiary, 3, ministers resident accredited to the sovereign, or 4, charges d’affaires accredited to the minister of foreign affairs. Diplomatic agents and their immediate families are immune from criminal prosecution and civil lawsuits.