Direct and Counter-Cyclical Program [Agriculture] Law and Legal Definition

According to 7 CFR 718.2 [Title 7—Agriculture, Subtitle B - Regulations of the Department of Agriculture, Chapter VII - Farm Service Agency, Department of Agriculture, Subchapter B - Farm Marketing Quotas, Acreage Allotments, and Production Adjustment, Part 718 - Provisions Applicable to Multiple Programs, Subpart A - General Provisions], direct and counter-cyclical program (DCP) cropland means land that currently meets the definition of cropland, land that was devoted to cropland at the time it was enrolled in a production flexibility contract in accordance with part 1413 of this title and continues to be used for agricultural purposes, or land that met the definition of cropland on or after April, 4, 1996, and continues to be used for agricultural purposes and not for nonagricultural commercial or industrial use.