Direct Impacts Law and Legal Definition

According to 44 CFR 9.4 (Title 44 - Emergency Management And Assistance, Chapter I - Federal Emergency Management Agency, Department Of Homeland Security; Subchapter A – General; Part 9 - Floodplain Management And Protection Of Wetlands), Direct Impacts means “changes in floodplain or wetland values and functions and changes in the risk to lives and property caused or induced by an action or related activity. Impacts are caused whenever these natural values and functions are affected as a direct result of an action. An action which would result in the discharge of polluted storm waters into a floodplain or wetland, for example, would directly affect their natural values and functions. Construction-related activities, such as dredging and filling operations within the floodplain or a wetland would be another example of impacts caused by an action.” [44 CFR 9.4]