Direct Result Law and Legal Definition

Direct means the immediate result or consequence. Result means the consequence of or outcome or conclusion. Direct result of abc's marketing efforts means as an immediate outcome of abc's marketing efforts.

Example of a State Statute using the term “direct result”

Fla. Stat. § 92.141; Law enforcement employees; travel expenses; compensation as witness

Any employee of a law enforcement agency of a municipality or county or the state who appears as an official witness to testify at any hearing or law action in any court of this state as a direct result of his or her employment in the law enforcement agency is entitled to per diem and travel expenses at the same rate provided for state employees under s. 112.061, except that if the employee travels by privately owned vehicle he or she is entitled to such travel expenses for the actual distance traveled to and from court. In addition thereto, such employee is entitled to receive the daily witness pay, exclusive of the mileage allowance, provided by s. 92.142, except when the employee is appearing as a witness during time compensated as a part of his or her normal duties.