Disability Rights Office [Federal Communications Commission] Law and Legal Definition

The Disability Rights Office (DRO) is an office working under the Consumer & Governmental Affairs Bureau of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that handles disability-related telecommunications matters. The DRO provides for the telecommunications relay service, access to telecommunications equipment and services by persons with disabilities, access to emergency information, and closed captioning.

The functions of the DRO include :

a. to provide expert advice and assistance to other Bureaus and Offices, consumers, industry, and others on issues relevant to persons with disabilities ;

b. to initiate rule makings for the development of disability policy ;

c. to review relevant agenda items and other documents ;

d. to coordinate with Bureaus and Offices to develop recommendations ;

e. to propose policies to ensure that communications are accessible to persons with disabilities, in conformance with existing disability laws and policies; and

f. to support the FCC's goal of increasing accessibility of communications services and technologies for persons with disabilities.