Disappearance (Immigration Regulations) Law and Legal Definition

Pursuant to 8 CFR 204.301 [Title 8 -- Aliens and Nationality Chapter I -- Department of Homeland Security (Immigration and Naturalization); Subchapter B -- Immigration Regulations], disappearance means that “a child's parent has unaccountably or inexplicably passed out of the child's life so that the parent's whereabouts are unknown, there is no reasonable expectation of the parent's reappearance, and there has been a reasonable effort to locate the parent as determined by a competent authority in accordance with the laws of the Convention country. A stepparent who under the definition of "Parent" is deemed to be a child's legal parent, may be found to have disappeared if it is established that the stepparent either never knew of the child's existence, or never knew of their legal relationship to the child.”