Discovery Referee Law and Legal Definition

Discovery Referees are used in cases which can generate crippling discovery disputes, abuses and delays. Early use of a Discovery Referee can save time and money. It can assure the following: all parties obtain prompt, consistent, and knowledgeable guidance and decisions from an experienced Judge and expert; avoid the expenses and delays of unnecessary motions and court appearances; obtain informal rulings before you research, brief and file a motion; and obtain “hands on” case management of discovery from the beginning. A litigating party can prevent discovery abuses before they occur by retaining a Discovery Referee at the inception of the case by stipulating with the opposing counsel and retain a Discovery Referee to be on call for the case should any dispute arise. Often, the mere retention of a referee will deter abuses. By stipulation, lawyers can write their own rules and procedures for resolving discovery disputes and using referees.