Discovery Sanctions Law and Legal Definition

Discovery Sanctions are punishments for failure to obey discovery rules. Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Rule 37 contain discovery sanctions provisions.

USCS Fed Rules Civ Proc R 37 provides sanctions for:

1. failure to comply with a court order.

2. failure to disclose, to supplement an earlier response, or to admit.

3. party's failure to attend its own deposition, serve answers to interrogatories, or respond to a request for inspection.

4. failure to provide electronically stored information.

5. failure to participate in framing a discovery plan.

6. other provisions where the court on motion, order sanctions where the action is pending.

Federal Rules also provide different types of sanctions. Sanctions may include those provided in Rule 37 . In addition to these sanctions, the court can require the party failing to act, the attorney advising that party, or both to pay the reasonable expenses, including attorney's fees caused by the failure unless the failure was substantially justified or other circumstances make an award of expenses unjust.