Disinheritance Clause Law and Legal Definition

Disinheritance clause is a provision in a will disinheriting an heir. It is a clause depriving an heir of his inheritance of right to succeed to the estate of his ancestor.

The following is an example of a case law referring to disinheritance clause:

The true disinheritance clause often fails to name a specific presumptive heir, and yet may be interpreted to exclude the same because of the use of words expressly indicating intent to disinherit. Typical examples of general disinheritance clauses are: 'I purposely leave nothing to anyone not mentioned in this will…'; 'I intentionally leave nothing to any other person, with full knowledge…' [Estate of Gardner, 73 Cal. App. 3d 890 (Cal. App. 1st Dist. 1977)].