Dog Purchaser Protection Act Law and Legal Definition

Dog Purchaser Protection Act is a state legislation in the U.S. This Act is also known as Puppy Lemon Law. This Act ensures that consumers buying a dog know their new pet having a clean bill of health. Dog sellers and breeders will post a visible notice that informs consumers of their rights. Sellers and breeders must also provide a written copy of the consumer's rights at the time of the sale. A seller provides the consumer with a health record for the dog at the time of sale. The health record must contain information as required by the law.

The following is an example of the state statute (Pennsylvania) in which the seller sets forth the following in the health record:

73 P.S. § 201-9.3 lays down the details to be provided by the seller:

1.The dog's breed- If the breed is unknown or mixed, the health record shall so indicate. If the dog is advertised or represented as registrable, the name and address of the pedigree registry organization where the dam and sire are registered shall be indicated.

2. The dog's date of birth- If the dog is not advertised as or sold as purebred, registered or registrable, the date of birth may be approximated if not known by the seller.

3. The dog's sex.

4. The dog's color and markings.