Domicile of Choice Law and Legal Definition

A domicile of choice is one chosen by the party himself. In order for a person to acquire a domicile of choice, the party must be personally present in the place which s/he chooses as a domicile, s/he must choose such place as his/her domicile, and s/ he must be sui juris.

An independent person can acquire a domicile of choice by changing his/her residence with an intention to make that residence his/her permanent residence. A domicile of choice is a self acquired domicile. It is a domicile which a person chooses to replace his/her former domicile. A former domicile can be replaced by a domicile of origin by returning to the initial residence or domicile of choice by acquiring a new domicile. Only a legally competent person can acquire a domicile of choice. Domicile of Choice is presumed by law.