Donatio Inter Virum Et Uxorem Law and Legal Definition

Donatio inter virum et uxorem is a Latin maxim that describes gift between a husband and a wife. Such gifts are valid. However, these gifts can be revoked by the donor at pleasure anytime during his/her lifetime. It is not necessary that the donee should be informed of the revocation. The revocation can be express or implied. It can be expressly revoked in a deed recalling the gift or implied by subsequent conveyance of the subject matter of the gift to another person. If the donor goes bankrupt, the creditors will be given the power to revoke the gift.

Provisions made in a prenuptial contract does not come under the legal rules relative to donations between a husband and a wife because the contract is made before the relationship commences. However, provisions or gifts made by postnuptial contracts will fall within these rules. If the donor dies without revoking the gift the right of the donee becomes absolute.