Donatio Mortis Causa/Gift Causa Mortis Law and Legal Definition

Donatio mortis causa is a Latin term which means "gift on the occasion of death” and refers to the transfer of property made by a person who anticipates death. This gift can only come into action after the death of the donor. This is a form of conditional gift. For a gift to be valid there should be delivery of the gift. The donation can only be made if the donor anticipates death. The donor should be legally capable of making a gift. The donor has the power to revoke a gift at anytime during his/her lifetime. In conditions where the donor survives the donee, the gift will revert to the donor itself. A death bed gift can be oral or in writing. In either form it should be evidenced. If the donor dies without revoking the gift the gift becomes absolute. This is also referred to as Gift Causa Mortis, gift in contemplation of death or transfer in contemplation of death