Driveway Law and Legal Definition

Generally speaking, driveways are short private roads that lead to a house or garage which is maintained by an individual or group. On large estates, a driveway may be the road that leads to the house from the public road, possibly with a gate in between. Some driveways are shared by different homeowners. A driveway may also refer to a small apron of pavement in front of a garage with a curb cut in the sidewalk, sometimes too short to accommodate a car.

Example of a State Statute (California) defining driveway.

According to California Streets and Highways Code, "Driveway" means a paved portion of a public street providing an unobstructed passage from the roadway to an offstreet area used for driving, servicing, parking, or otherwise accommodating motor vehicles. [Cal Sts & Hy Code § 5870]