Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Law and Legal Definition

The Drug Abuse and Prevention Control Act, 1970 (Act) requires the pharmaceutical industry in the U.S to adhere to strict maintenance of physical security and record keeping for certain type of drugs. The Act provides a mechanism for drugs to be controlled, decontrolled, and removed, or transferred from one place to another.

The Act provides for commencing an investigation of a drug at any time based upon information received from law enforcement laboratories, state and local law enforcement and regulatory agencies, or other sources of information.

According to 21 USCS § 801:

1. Many of the drugs included within the Act have a useful and legitimate medical purpose and are necessary to maintain the health and general welfare of the American people;

2.The illegal importation, manufacture, distribution, and possession and improper use of controlled substances have a substantial and detrimental effect on the health and general welfare of the American people;

3.A major portion of traffic in controlled substances flows through interstate and foreign commerce. Incidents of traffic which are not an integral part of interstate or foreign flow, such as manufacture, local distribution, and possession, nonetheless have a substantial and direct effect upon interstate commerce because:

a. after manufacture, many controlled substances are transported in interstate commerce,

b. controlled substances distributed locally usually are transported in interstate commerce immediately before their distribution, and;

c. controlled substances possessed commonly flow through interstate commerce immediately prior to such possession.

4.Local distribution and possession of controlled substances contribute to swelling the interstate traffic in such substances.****