Due Law and Legal Definition

Due means: Just, proper, regular, reasonable; immediately enforceable; owing or payable.

Due means

  • Just, proper or regular. For example, the patient recovered with due care.
  • Immediately enforceable. For example, the next payment is due on delivery
  • Something owing or payable. For example, the next instament is due on February 1st 2010.

The term due is contextual in nature and has various legal applications, which involve sufficiency or reasonableness of an action or obligation.

Due diligence means the care and attention required by the circumstances to satisfy a legal requirement.

Due process means conduct of legal proceedings according to the rules and principles established in the systems of jurisprudence for the protection and enforcement of private rights.

Due bill means an acknowledgment of a debt in writing. It is a written acknowledgment of indebtedness to a particular party but not payable to the party's order or transferable by endorsement.