Earnings From Employment or Self-Employment [Employee Compensation] Law and Legal Definition

According to 20 CFR 10.5 [Title 20. Employees' Benefits; Chapter I. Office Of Workers' Compensation Programs, Department Of Labor; Subchapter B. Federal Employees' Compensation Act; Part 10 Claims For Compensation Under The Federal Employees' Compensation Act, As Amended; Subpart A. General Provisions; Definitions And Forms], ‘earnings from employment or self-employment means:’

(1) Gross earnings or wages before any deductions and includes the value of subsistence, quarters, reimbursed expenses and any other goods or services received in kind as remuneration; or

(2) A reasonable estimate of the cost to have someone else perform the duties of an individual who accepts no remuneration. Neither lack of profits, nor the characterization of the duties as a hobby, removes an unremunerated individual's responsibility to report the estimated cost to have someone else perform his or her duties.