EB-4 Visa Law and Legal Definition

The EB-4 classification is meant for special immigrant religious workers and other special classifications such as battered women. This category is for special immigrants such as religious workers, certain long-time employees of the U.S. government, citizens of Iraq or Afghanistan that have worked for the U.S. Armed Forces as a translator for at least 1 year, some physicians who have residence in the U.S. for a number of years, juvenile dependents of a court who are eligible for foster care, some dependents of diplomats, employees of the American Taiwan Institute for at least 15 years, persons who have served in active duty in the U.S. armed services for 12 years or after 6 if they have reenlisted for 6 additional years, etc. The most common special immigrant is the religious worker. Special immigrant religious workers shall obtain a green card through employment. A permanent, full-time job offer is required but a labor certification is not required.