Electric Powerplant Law and Legal Definition

According to 10 CFR 500.2 [Title 10 Energy; Chapter II Department of Energy; Subchapter E Alternate Fuels; Part 500 Definitions], the term electric powerplant means any stationary electric generating unit consisting of (a) a boiler, (b) a gas turbine, or (c) a combined cycle unit which employs a generator to produce electric power for purposes of sale or exchange and has the design capability of consuming any fuel (or mixture thereof) at a fuel heat input rate of 100 million Btu's per hour or greater. In accordance with section 103(a)(7)(C) of FUA, the Secretary has determined that it is appropriate to exclude from this definition any unit which has a design capability to consume any fuel (including any mixture thereof) that does not equal or exceed 100 million Btu's per hour.