Electronic Bonanza-Style Bingo Game Law and Legal Definition

Electronic bonanza-style bingo game is a special version of bingo played on small paper cards. The sealed sheets are sold in advance to each session but additional sheets can be purchased during the session. The numbers drawn by the player before the start of the session are posted on a special board. If a player gets a blackout on any one of the Bonanza Bingo sheets purchased, using the pre-drawn numbers, the player wins an instant prize. If there is no winner towards the end of the session additional numbers are drawn until there is a winner for consolation prizes.

The following is an example of a state statute (Oklahoma) defining the term ‘Electronic bonanza-style bingo game’ in reference to the State Tribal Gaming Act:

According to 3A Okl. St. § 269 (6) Electronic bonanza-style bingo game means “a game played in an electronic environment in which some or all of the numbers or symbols are drawn or electronically determined before the bingo cards for that game are sold that conforms with the standards set forth in this act”.