Electronic Gaming Table Law and Legal Definition

Electronic gaming table means a standard game table which can be used in playing games such as poker. There can be multiple player seats in the electronic gaming table for tournament or side game play. Each player can operate or play the game in the electronic gaming table. The concerned gaming authorities of a state regulate the rules regarding the electronic gaming table, or it has to be approved by the concerned authorities of the state.

The following is an example of state statute (Pennsylvania) defining the term.

Pursuant to [4 Pa.C.S. § 1103] "Electronic Gaming Table is “A gaming table approved by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board that is a mechanical, electrical or computerized contrivance, terminal, machine or other device which, upon insertion or placement of cash or cash equivalents therein or thereon, or upon a wager or payment of any consideration whatsoever, is available for play or operation by one or more players as a table game. The term shall include any gaming table where a wager or payment is made using an electronic or computerized wagering or payment system. The term shall not include a slot machine”.