Electronic Receiving and Picture Tubes Law and Legal Definition

Electronic Receiving and Picture Tubes is a state legislature in the U.S. This Act provides that a person cannot knowingly distribute or sell, offer to distribute or sell, expose for distribution or sale, possess with intent to distribute for a consideration any picture tubes. Picture tubes may include reactivated tube, second-hand tube or used tube. These tubes cannot be used without clearly disclosing the true or actual quality or condition of such tube by means of a stamp, mark, tag, notice or label attached to the tube. Any person violating the provisions of this Act will be guilty of a misdemeanor.

The following is an example of the state statute (Pennsylvania) defining tube and used term:

73 P.S. § 208-1 defines the following terms:

A tube is an electron receiving tube or cathode ray tube (commonly known as a picture tube), designed primarily for use in a home type television or radio receiver, phonograph, tape recorder, or any combination thereof, or other home type electronic device or appliance.

Used tube or a second hand tube is a tube which has been subjected to consumer or demonstrator use as an entity.