Eligible Local Partnership [Education] Law and Legal Definition

Pursuant to 20 USCS § 6753 (2) [Title 20. Education; Chapter 70. Strengthening and Improvement of Elementary and Secondary Schools; Preparing, Training, and Recruiting High Quality Teachers and Principals; Enhancing Education through Technology], the term eligible local partnership means “a partnership that--

(A) shall include at least one high-need local educational agency and at least one--

(i) local educational agency that can demonstrate that teachers in schools served by the agency are effectively integrating technology and proven teaching practices into instruction, based on a review of relevant research, and that the integration results in improvement in--

(I) classroom instruction in the core academic subjects; and

(II) the preparation of students to meet challenging State academic content and student academic achievement standards;

(ii) institution of higher education that is in full compliance with the reporting requirements of section 207(f) of the Higher Education Act of 1965 [20 USCS § 1027(f)] and that has not been identified by its State as low-performing under section 208 of such Act [20 USCS § 1028];

(iii) for-profit business or organization that develops, designs, manufactures, or produces technology products or services, or has substantial expertise in the application of technology in instruction; or

(iv) public or private nonprofit organization with demonstrated experience in the application of educational technology to instruction; and

(B) may include other local educational agencies, educational service agencies, libraries, or other educational entities appropriate to provide local programs.”