Emergency Management Assistance Compact Law and Legal Definition

The Emergency Management Assistance Compact (Compact) refers to a federal entity providing mutual aid between the federal states and territories of the U.S. The Compact was ratified by Congress and signed into law in 1996. This compact helps in combating against a constant and common threat occurring from natural and manmade disasters. The Compact also provides assistance against the threat of terrorism. The Compact provides for a national interstate mutual aid agreement that enables states to share resources during times of disaster. Currently, all 50 states of the U.S. are members of the Compact.

The Compact is the first national disaster-relief compact since the Civil Defense and Disaster Compact of 1950. It is administered by the National Emergency Management Association (NEMA), that provides the day-to-day support and technical backbone for the Compact’s education and operations.[Office of the Governor, Div. of Emergency Mgmt. v. MetroCare EMS, LP, 2007 Tex. App. LEXIS 4427 (Tex. App. Beaumont June 7, 2007)]