Emotional Blackmail Law and Legal Definition

Emotional blackmail is a form of emotional abuse, which involves the use of emotions and insecurities of the victim to manipulate the victim. It is usually directed at controlling the victim’s behavior and actions. In an emotional blackmail, the blackmailer usually adopts any of the following methods:

a. to threaten to endanger the life;

b. to say that blackmailer will feel depressed or sad if the victim do not do what the blackmailer says;

c. to control the victim by using money;

d. to pressurize by keeping the blackmailers feeling and desires before victim;

e. to threaten to go away from victim or end the relationship with the victim;

f. to make the victim feel guilty;

g. to manipulate the victim in such a way that victim feels compassionate;

h. to threaten to hurt victim or make things difficult for victim;

i. to demoralize the victim;

j. to deprive victim of love, appreciation, care, etc; and

k. to make victim feel that s/he is selfish and inconsiderate.