Enlargement of Time Law and Legal Definition

An Enlargement of time refers to extension of time during which a party may plead a case, file a requisite document in court etc. The party seeks the court’s leave for granting such time when he or she files a motion for Enlargement of time.

For Example, Colorado Rules for Magistrates, Rule 7 (a) (6) (CRM 7(a)(6)) reads as follows regarding enlargement of time to file a petition for review:

“(6) A request for extension of time to file a petition for review must be made to the reviewing judge within the fifteen day time limit within which to file a petition for review. A motion to correct clerical errors filed with the magistrate pursuant to C.R.C.P. 60(a) does not constitute a petition for review and will not operate to extend the time for filing a petition for review.”