Essential Agricultural Use Law and Legal Definition

According to 10 CFR 580.02 (b) (2) [Title 10 Energy; Chapter II Department of Energy; Subchapter G Natural Gas (Economic Regulatory Administration); Part 580 Curtailment Priorities for Essential Agricultural Uses], the term essential agricultural use--means “any use of natural gas:

(i) For agricultural production, natural fiber production, natural fiber processing, food processing, food quality maintenance, irrigation pumping, crop drying; or

(ii) As a process fuel or feedstock in the production of fertilizer, agricultural chemicals, animal feed, or food which the Secretary of Agriculture determines is necessary for full food and fiber production.”

According to 18 CFR 284.262 [Title 18 Conservation of Power and Water Resources; Chapter I Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Department of Energy; Subchapter I Other Regulations Under The Natural Gas Policy Act of 1978 and Related Authorities; Part 284 Certain Sales and Transportation of Natural Gas Under The Natural Gas Policy Act of 1978 and Related Authorities; Subpart I Emergency Natural Gas Sale, Transportation, and Exchange Transactions], essential agricultural use means any use of natural gas which is certified by the Secretary of Agriculture as an "essential agricultural use" under section 401(c) of the NGPA (The Natural Gas Policy Act).