Estate in Coparcenary Law and Legal Definition

Estate in coparcenary is an estate under the common law whereby joint heirs hold as tenants in common. Under modern statutes, estate in coparcenary is obsolete.

The following is an example of a case law referring to estate in coparcenary:

An estate in coparcenary always arises by descent, and where the descent is cast upon females only, a tenancy in common may also be created by descent, as well as by deed or will. In coparcenary the seizin of one coparcener is generally the seizin of the others, and the possession of one is the possession of all. Coparceners may sever their possession, and dissolve the estate in coparcenary, by consent or by writ of partition at common law, and at common law partition is confined to them. [Wood v. Fleet, 36 N.Y. 499 (N.Y. 1867)].