Examination Preparation Law and Legal Definition

There are many methods available for a student or person seeking licensing in a particular area to prepare for an exam. These include specialized courses led by an instructor, online courses, tutors, interactive multimedia, books, videos, and more. A common exam preparation drill is to answer practice questions. Past exams are often available for practice test taking. Some people find flashcards helpful. Using notes taken during study to form an outline is another popular exam preparation technique. There are different outlining methods, such as the rigid organization of an IA1a outlines, the visual outline of a charts, or essay outlines. Although there are numerous exam preparation approaches, their effectiveness often depends on the learning style of the individual.

A professor's approach to class may be an indicator of his or her likely approach to the exam. However, you should not rely on the professor's class approach to guess what will be on the exam. Ask the professor and other upper-class students what skills, subjects or approaches to emphasize in a particular course's exam. It is also very important to carefully read the instructions on the exam to avoid careless mistakes. A good night's sleep and remembering not to panic will also help ensure good performance on an examination.