Exclusive Recognition Law and Legal Definition

Exclusive recognition is the designation granted to an employee organization recognized or certified by the administrative agency as the representative of the employees in an appropriate bargaining unit. Exclusive recognition gives the certified organization the right to arrive at collective agreements with management that apply to all employees of the unit and prohibits the employer from negotiating with any other union. Under the Federal Service Labor-Management Relations Statute, exclusive recognition is normally obtained by a union as a result of receiving a majority of votes cast in a representational election.

Exclusive recognition refers to the rights a union is accorded as a result of being certified as the exclusive representative of the employees in a bargaining unit include, among other things, the right to negotiate bargainable aspects of the conditions of employment of bargaining unit employees, to be afforded an opportunity to be present at formal discussions, to free checkoff arrangements and, at the request of the employee, to be present at Weingarten examinations of unit employees.