Expired Credit Card Law and Legal Definition

Expired credit card refers to a credit card which is no longer valid because the term shown on it has expired. An expired credit card falls within the meaning of the felony statutes relating to the theft of a credit card and criminal possession of a stolen credit card.

The following is an example of a case law on expired credit card:

For purposes of the criminal statutes, a credit card must be held to include any recognizable credit card, whether canceled, revoked, expired or otherwise defective in view of the fact that a credit card for Penal Law purposes includes any card which may be used to obtain a cash advance, a loan or credit and an expired credit card clearly may be used in the same manner as a currently valid one to secure any of the enumerated benefits; when credit cards are stolen, it is the theft itself which is paramount and which should be fully punished and since all credit cards, whether valid or otherwise defective, are equally subject to subsequent criminal use and abuse, the status of the cards should not be the sine qua non of criminal liability. [People v. Timmons, 124 Misc. 2d 766 (N.Y. Misc. 1984)].