Export Sale Law and Legal Definition

According to 7 CFR 20.4 [Title 7 Agriculture; Subtitle A Office of the Secretary of Agriculture; Part 20 Export Sales Reporting Requirements], export sale means "a transaction entered into between a reporting exporter and a foreign buyer. The transaction must be represented by a written document evidencing that (1) the exporter agrees to export the commodity, (2) the foreign buyer agrees to receive the commodity, (3) a fixed price or an agreed upon mechanism by which such a price can be determined is established, and (4) payment will be made to or for the account of the reporting exporter by or on the behalf of the foreign buyer for delivery of the commodity. The quantity of "outstanding export sale" means the quantity not yet exported under an export sale. The terms of delivery specified in the written agreement, such as FAS vessel, FOB vessel, C&F, CIF, etc., do not determine whether a transaction is an export sale which must be reported. A transaction which otherwise meets this definition and is subject to the posting of an exporter performance bond or letter of credit from the foreign buyer is included in this definition and such a transaction shall be reported under these regulations. However, a transaction which becomes operative only upon the imposition of export controls is excluded from this definition of "export sale" and such a transaction shall not be reported under these regulations."