False Trade Description Law and Legal Definition

The untrue description of certain goods made in the course of a business is false trade description. The false description of goods can be made directly, indirectly or by implication.

When a person makes a false trade description, s/he intends that the product be taken for that of his/ her competitors. [Greenstreet v. Bickers, 97 Ohio App. 3d 610, 613 (Ohio Ct. App. 1994)]

In the U.S., false designations and false descriptions of origin are punishable. “Any person who shall use in connection with any goods any false description or representation, including words or symbols tending falsely to describe or represent the same, and shall cause such goods to enter into commerce, shall be liable to a civil action by any person who believes that he is or is likely to be damaged by the use of any such false description or representation”. [15 USCS § 1125]